MLE (Multicultural London English) Accent Intensive with Breakdown

You can find my accent breakdown for MLE and corresponding class recording by clicking here.

Note this section of the site is password protected and only available for purchase. If you're interested in purchasing access to the MLE accent breakdown and class for $75, contact me.

"I think the recording is perfect because you can go at your own pace. I've also found myself rewinding it so that I can go back through some of the exercises. There is SO much information, and I think it's fascinating. I love learning about placement to create the correct sounds!! I've ordered some online accent "courses" and it's really just been a process of hearing the word and then repeating it. Learning the physiology that accompanies the sound is kinda blowing my mind!" 

-Fran N. (purchased the MLE class recording)

RP (Received Pronunciation aka "Standard British") 

Accent Intensive with Breakdown

Access to the recording and breakdown coming soon.

If you'd like to attend this intensive live, go here for more information or contact me.

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