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My Approach:

Speech & Accents

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Breath & Body

My Approach:

Public Speaking

Voice Coaching

As a Certified Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework I'm primarily influenced by the principles and techniques of that work, though I've also trained in many other methodologies that I incorporate as it feels useful. Depending on your goals, our focus may be on developing...

...freedom and ease in your body and breath.


...a connection between what you are emotionally feeling and what you’re expressing.


...the “support” for your voice.


...more variety in the expression of your voice—in pitch, volume, crying, screaming, singing, and much more—without strain.


...more vibrancy and presence in performance.

You can read more about my influences and the techniques in which I've trained here.

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As a certified teacher of Knight-Thompson Speechwork, I tailor my coaching to the individual goals of each client. Depending on your needs and goals, I’ll guide you through various exercises for developing…


…greater speech clarity.

…your American accent.

…an accent in a hurry—like for an audition tomorrow.

…an accent you can really embody—like for your resume or reel.

…a system for learning any accent.


Regarding accent reduction:

If you're looking for "accent-reduction," then I'll support you in learning a “So-Called-General-American” accent. (More on why it’s referred to as “so-called” below…) I find it's more useful to think of adding to your voice and speech options by developing a new accent, rather than removing or reducing your given accent. 

Regarding my approach to accent work:

There's no such thing as a General accent...the "General American" or "Standard American" accent is made up. In fact, any “Standard” accent is a made-up one. If you’re a performer learning an accent for a particular character, I’ll help you make informed decisions about what details *your* character's accent might include. That might be a “Standard” accent—such as Received Pronunciation aka Standard British—because that’s what the audition calls for. Or it might likely be a curated accent designed for your specific character’s background and circumstances. In every instance, I'll teach you the features of real speakers' accents, rather than giving you general [often outdated] stereotypes.

You can purchase previously recorded accent classes (and their corresponding accent breakdowns) here.


You can read more about my influences and the techniques in which I've trained here.

Speech &



Breath &


Using bodywork and techniques for regulating your nervous system, as well as providing exercises you can explore on your own, I can help you…


…find more freedom and ease in your breath.


…find more breath capacity.


…release tension throughout your body.


…find relief from anxiety-induced shortness of breath.


…develop tools for dealing with anxiety, panic-attacks, and other forms of stress.


…develop a practice you can implement within the realities of your life.


You can read more about my influences and the techniques in which I've trained here.


Whether you struggle with speaking in meetings and presentations, or you’re preparing to speak at a large conference, I can help you develop…


…tools for dealing with nerves.


…tools for genuinely connecting with your audience.


…more clarity in your speaking—both in content and articulation.


...more vibrancy and presence in your speaking.


...more vocal variety in your speaking.


…a process for developing compelling content.


You can read more about my influences and the techniques in which I've trained here.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking