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Ep. 17: “How do I manipulate the volume of my voice?”

“‘I usually default to—and I totally own this—a very powerful, loud, in-your-face type of voice. And not all scenarios call for that, especially when you’re being true to the environment that surrounds you.” – Dominick Bailey

In this episode, I’m joined my friend, Dominick Bailey. Dominick is an actor, dancer, writer, and clinical pharmacist who asked the question, “How do I manipulate the volume of my voice?” Most of the time that I talk to clients about volume, it’s because they’re wondering how to have more volume, but Dominick asked the question because he’s sometimes gotten the feedback that he’s too loud. We talked about the ways in which our volume might be involuntarily affected by various circumstances, and I offered Dominick some tools to give him a better sense of how to consciously adjust his volume.

Interview Highlights: 

  • Some common reasons why we might unconsciously lower our volume.

  • Why it’s so important to be aware of your space—and where you want your sound to go—in order to be heard.

  • How “charge” or a feeling of being overly stimulated affects your volume—and what to do to help stabilize yourself.

  • What to do—and not do—in order to calibrate your volume.

  • Patsy Rodenburg’s three “circles” of presence.

Featured on the Show: 

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