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Ryan is nothing short of awesome! I've been working with her for 2 years now and I can't begin to explain how much her approach has helped free my accent work. She has helped me transition to being an actor with a good ear for technicalities to an actor that is now able to trust himself and play freely within those technicalities. Ryan is also super easy to get along with and has a wide variety of tools that can help free anyone of their tensions (vocally and physically). I highly recommend working with her!

Kevin Clayette, Actor

I’ve been a working actor for 25 years, and while I certainly don’t know everything, I’ve tried most techniques along the way. And I seldom find something that impacts my life and work so immediately and acutely. Such is the unique joy of working with Ryan O’Shea. So much more than a voice class, Ryan teaches techniques to reconnect body with voice, emotions with sensation, and empowerment from within. It’s incredible self-care wrapped in a voice massage. The seamless integration of Fitzmaurice voice work and Organic Intelligence principals makes this like no other class I’ve ever taken. My voice has never sounded richer, my acting work never more deeply truthful, and my body and spirit never more connected. Class day is truly my favorite day of the week. If you’ve ever considered trying to up your vocal game, this is the class, and Ryan is the teacher.

Lesley Youngblood, Actress

I’m undeniably convinced that if you’re looking to hone your skills when it comes to accent/dialect speech work, Ryan O’Shea’s in-depth instruction of the Knight-Thompson technique will undoubtedly take you to the next level. Her ability to clearly and creatively articulate the practical physical aspects of this work opened up doors for me that were nothing short of profound. I have a new confidence in my ability to approach any accent/dialect, armed with a process that is approachable, actionable, and thoroughly enjoyable. If you believe that the profundity of this work lies within the process of true embodiment, then I highly suggest seeking out Ryan’s coaching. It’s become an invaluable lesson in my tool kit as an actor.

Samual Krumrine, Actor

I have been studying with Ryan for over a year now. I have taken most every form of her training, from intensives, to privates and weekly workshops and every class has been so helpful. I am so grateful to have found Ryan. My acting has changed so much since I took my first Fitzmaurice voice intensive with her. I am more in my body and more able to be myself in the given circumstances and to be impacted by my partner. I am more confident when auditioning and have more fun with acting in general. My scene study teachers have noticed I am more on voice and sending more action. I used to hate the idea of voice training, I was always told I was off voice and my voice is too high. Every time voice was brought up it saddened me but Ryan’s training has helped me get on voice without ever hating my voice in the process. My relationship to my voice and voice training has changed so much! I have a more loving and free relationship with my voice. I am so thankful!

Lillian Summer Keller, Actress

I'm so glad I stumbled on Fitzmaurice voicework and more importantly, on to Ryan's website. Ryan is a great teacher. She took the time to really understand my motivations and goals and crafted her lessons around them. Ryan helped me accomplish all these goals and then some. When Ryan and I recognized that we had met the goals I had come into the lessons with, she, in no way, tried to push me to take more classes than necessary. I really appreciated that. She even supplied me some post-class material which I will continue to use. I am happy to have Ryan as a resource and will likely use her services again in the future once I have some specific needs come up.

Jack Schulte, 

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