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Ep. 4: How does our posture affect our breath?

“I have to tell myself to breathe, but even when I do, I don’t feel like I’m getting a full breath.” –Arianne Villareal

On this episode of Speaking Of…I’m joined by a longtime friend, Arianne Villareal.

Arianne is an actress and singer based here in LA, and she asked: how does our posture affect our breath? This question is an incredibly useful one for performers and non-performers alike, and brings up some really interesting follow-up questions and exercises.

Arianne and I talk about how our breathing and our emotions are intimately connected and why paying attention to your breath when you’re feeling anxious or unsettled may not always be the right answer. We work through some useful breathing exercises, talk about how her most recent performance affected her breath and body, and how you can anchor yourself physically if you’re feeling off-balance onstage or in everyday life.

Interview Highlights:

· How paying too much attention to our breath can create a cycle of anxiety.

· The different ways we hold tension in our bodies and affect our breath.

· How to relax and ground yourself in your body.

· The practice of anchoring yourself to your present surroundings in moments of instability.

· How we can carry the emotions of a character with us beyond the stage.

· Ways to take care of your nervous system after a difficult situation or performance.

Featured on the Show:

· Helena Walsh | Regional Director for Fitzmaurice Institute Europe

· America Adjacent by Boni B. Alvarez

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