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Ep 6: Why do I sometimes drop off my words in performance? And how do I project my voice on stage?

“I’m mostly used to camera-work and being mic-ed up, so that I can talk and if I get quiet people can hear me. But this is my first time I’m going to be in a play where it’s in a bigger venue. One of the things I worry about is how I can adjust from film to theatre and not tire my voice out.” – Cara Myers

Today on Speaking Of… I’m joined by actress, writer, director, and producer, Cara Myers.

Cara asks about some specific challenges she’s experienced in performance. We start by talking about why she sometimes has a tendency to drop off of her words in performance and how to overcome this difficulty. Then Cara mentions an upcoming project where she’ll be performing on stage, and her concern about her ability to project her voice in a larger venue.

Like many Los Angeles-based actors, most of Cara’s acting experience has been on camera, so finding ease in projecting her voice is a relatively new requirement for her. We talk about the major differences for speaking on camera vs. on stage, and I offer some tools for finding ease in projection regardless of the medium.

Interview Highlights:

  • How what we’re focusing on when speaking affects our volume.

  • What the focus line is, and how you can use it to help project your voice.

  • Why actors should be considering their voice in their practice, whether they’re performing on stage or on camera.

  • The specifics of vocal support—what it means and how you do it.

  • The tool of “breathing in” the space in order to find ease in projection.

  • What types of physical exercises can create more resonance and help your voice naturally project.

Featured on the Show:

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