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Ep. 8: What is a "woman's voice"?

“Because I don’t feel like I’m seen fully as a human…I feel like I need to push.” – Lisa Ermel

On this episode of Speaking Of… I’m joined by my wonderful friend, actress and writer, Lisa Ermel.

Lisa’s initial question was “What is a woman’s voice?” We quickly discovered that another way of asking her question is “When am I managing how I sound because I’m trying to manage how I’m perceived?”

This was a really important conversation that has relevance to anyone who has ever found themselves adjusting the sound of their voice in order to fit some ideal of how they *think* they should be. We talk about some of the reasons why womxn, in particular, might change the sound of their voices, and how this is likely limiting their power.

Interview Highlights:

  • Why women, in particular, often change the sound of their natural voices.

  • How controlling the tone of our voice often creates a disconnect in how we’re received.

  • How controlling your pitch range might be creating tension and limiting your expressivity.

  • How our belief systems affect our voices, and how you can use this awareness to your advantage (in simple, actionable ways).

  • Why speaking from a vocal supported place tends to command people’s attention.

  • Why emotions like anger or sadness might “block” our voices.

Featured on the Show:

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