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Ep. 9: Mailbag—Listener Questions!

On this episode of Speaking Of… I’m answering listener questions! My boyfriend, Cam, co-hosted with me, serving as the reader of questions (plus he also let me know whether or not I was making sense).

Interview Highlights:

  • The most common “cringe-worthy” ticks that detract from a message.

  • Why “um” and “uh” might make it more difficult for you to communicate.

  • Why people might find some accents easier than others.

  • The four pillars of accent work, and how to find specificity in any accent.

  • How early-career actors doing Shakespeare might be sabotaging the clarity of their meaning.

  • Tools for finding more ease in performing Shakespeare, so that you never need “Shakespeare voice.”

  • What it means when something “takes our breath away.”

  • How breathing affects actors’ ability to be affected.

Featured on the Show:

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